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Lucan: ‘Surely homes could have been found for these dogs’
The numbers of animals collected in 2014 already show an increase of 19 from 2013. Picture: Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

ONE out of 13 dogs collected on behalf of South Dublin County Council were put down last year.
In 2013, 973 dogs in total were sent to Ashton Dog Pound, which carries out dog and warden services on behalf of the local authority.
Of this number, 70 were put down, representing 7% of those collected.
Some 900 of these animals were rescued, reclaimed or rehomed, however.
Since the beginning of this year to September 30, 693 animals were collected, 89 put down and 573 rescued, reclaimed or rehomed.
The numbers for this year already show an increase of 19 from 2013.
Following a joint tender process with the other local authorities, Ashton Dog Pound was awarded a contract by South Dublin County Council for providing and operating a dog pound service, effective from August 1, 2013.
All dogs seized by or surrendered to the council’s dog wardens are taken to the pound.
Clondalkin Cllr Francis Timmons (Ind) told The Gazette: “It’s great to see so many dogs rehomed and cared for.
“I am very concerned that so many are being put down. Surely homes could have been found for these dogs?
“As Christmas is near we definitely need to get a message out there that a dog is for life, not just for Christmas.
“If there is any dog or any animal in trouble please contact Clondalkin Animal Aid at
“I would strongly support Clondalkin Animal Aid in their work and efforts to rehome animals.”
Lucan Cllr Ruth Nolan (PBP) also commented on this issue, saying: “In recessionary times animals suffer terribly.
“Families may be forced to abandon their animals due to a lack of money [needed] to provide for them.
“I would urge people who are thinking of buying a pet for their children at Christmas to think it through and if you cannot provide for it please don’t obtain one.
“A dog should be for life. I am aware there are a lot of brilliant people locally in Lucan who have decided to foster dogs.
“This is not a long term answer. If possible I would prefer the council send their dogs to an animal project in the hope they would get a new family. Euthanasia should be a last resort.”
Ashton Dog Pound was not available for comment.

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