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Lucan: Money to fund repairs to damaged drains in park as part of works plan

IRISH Water has sanctioned €25,000 to repair the damaged drains in Arthur Griffith Park and tackle pollution risk to Griffeen River.
The funding, a part of the utility’s minor works programme, follows repeated lobbying by local representatives to address a pollution risk to Griffeen River, arising from contaminated storm water discharge to the river close to the playground in Griffeen Valley Park.
At the request of Lucan Cllr William Lavelle (FG), the water pollution control section of South Dublin County Council (SDCC) investigated and found a foul sewer which services Arthur Griffith Park estate had been damaged, causing blockages to occur regularly. The blockages, it is believed, have led to foul water backing up and overflowing into the storm water drains discharging into the Griffeen River.
Speaking to The Gazette, Cllr Lavelle said: “As result of my repeated lobbying on this, Irish Water have now sanctioned works to repair and relay 48m of foul sewer and one new ring manhole.
“The works will cost €25,000 and Irish Water is working with the council with regard to the programming of this work in the coming weeks.
“In the case of the Griffeen, the 2009 [Eastern River Basin District] report categorised it as having ‘bad’ water quality marking it out as one of the most polluted watercourses in the eastern region. This was unacceptable.
“Since 2009, the number of river pollution incidents recorded in South Dublin County Council has more than halved, from 80 incidents in 2009 to 38 in 2013. In addition, recent fish survey data has shown a more acceptable range of fish species in the Griffeen River, indicating an improvement of water quality.
“I wish to commend SDCC staff for their proactive efforts which have made a real difference in reducing the number of pollution incidents and improving water quality.”
Lucan Cllr Danny O’Brien (SF) said he had received several complaints about blocked drains in Arthur Griffith Park and he welcomed any funding for the issue.
Cllr Ruth Nolan (PBP) also received calls from concerned residents. She said “Residents contacted me about their suspicion of sewage leaking into the river. I asked the council if this was the case and the reply I received was that it wasn’t.”
A utility spokesperson said: “An asset needs brief was submitted by the council for work to be carried out at Arthur Griffith Park to address an issue that was causing ongoing blockages… This work has now been included in Irish Water’s minor works programmes.”

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