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Lucan: Call was made for land to be used to alleviate hazardous traffic concerns

After a heated debate at the council’s development plan meeting, the motion to rezone the land next to Lucan Educate Together NS for the use of a parking and drop-off facility was defeated.
Parents with children attending Lucan Educate Together NS made continuous pleas to the council to rezone the vacant lands between the school and Forster Square from its current residential zoning to a new community/open space.
This was due to the high volume of traffic that uses the road adjacent to Lucan Educate Together, causing a safety hazard for parents dropping their children to and from the school.
Over 270 signatures were also signed in a petition by concerned residents who want to see the section of vacant land rezoned.
At the June 18 County Development Plan meeting the issue was raised in two separate motions by Cllr William Lavelle (FG) and Cllr Ed O’Brien (FF), calling on the council to rezone this land in favour of the school.
However, both of these motions were defeated by the majority of local representatives who wanted to keep the land vacant for the possible use of social housing.
Disappointed at the result, Cllr Lavelle said: “I don’t agree with this position as I feel there is plenty of other land in Adamstown and Clonburris for building houses on, as well as large tracts of council-owned land at Clonburris which can be sold to raise funds for familiars such as the much-needed swimming pool.
“Money shouldn’t be the only issue. We need land for community facilities, playgrounds, community gardens etc. We have enough houses in the immediate area,” he said.
Cllr O’Brien also outlined that he was “extremely disappointed” at the council’s decision.
He said: “In my motion I asked that the lands be set aside for a designated drop off zone. I expressed my concern that the area which is zoned for housing is unsuitable for that purpose given the high density of housing surrounding it and the already overburdened road network surrounding it.”
The Lucan councillors opposing the motion – Danny O’Brien (SF), Liona O’Toole (Ind), Guss O’Connell (Ind) and Paul Gogarty (Ind) – made an amendment to the initial proposal, declaring that a specific local objective should be placed on the lands at Mount Bellew Way to provide 10 visitor parking spaces, along with a turning point, near the school.
Cllr Gogarty said: “The fact is we do actually now have provision for a drop off and turn in the draft plan for a minimum of 10 spaces, which would effectively allow for at least 50 drop offs above what is there already.
“The amendment serves the need of prioritising a drop off and turning for Lucan Educate Together NS while also dealing with the housing crisis.
“Our amended motion won’t get a drop off point overnight either, but what it does mean is that it will happen and happen faster,” he said.

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